Novus More Space System

Personalized workspace options from Novus More Space System deliver a clean look, improved ergonomics, and the freedom to easily change your workspace by adding more monitors, tablets, and organizational accessories as necessary.

Complete Sets

Intelligent combinations of Novus More Space System products that create a single versatile workstation design. These convenient kits include everything you need to maximize space and increase productivity. [learn more]

Novus More Space System Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

Create More Space with ergonomic monitor arms from Novus. They allow you to maximize available space more effectively, and create a work environment that is free of cables and clutter.

Attenzia Lighting

Attenzia offers an impressively thin rotating light head with easily adjustable joints to ensure that the perfect beam of light illuminates exactly where you want. [learn more]

Ergonomics for a healthy posture

An ergonomic work space is a personalized work space.  For Novus More Space, the focus is on the human element — and for good reason. This is the only way of creating workspaces that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual. Our monitor arms, supports, and accessories are designed with your comfort in mind.

  • Prevent neck and eye strain by lifting technology to the perfect viewing height
  • Easily adjust monitors and tablets to an ideal distance and angle
  • View multiple monitors in complete comfort
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  • MSS Proven Applications- Point Of Sale

The flexibility to organize any
workplace to perfection.

The layout of elements, such as monitor, light and telephone, as well as adding useful accessories brings order and neat organization to the office.

Proven Applications- More Space System


Space-saving designs lift viewing devices off the desktop to enhance viewing comfort and improve productivity.
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Hospitals, clinics, and admin offices benefit from the adjustability and space-saving design of More Space.
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Control Rooms

Eyes on everything. Solutions for multiple monitors in control rooms, terminals, correctional facilities, and more.
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Monitoring busy airways is critical and why Novus More Space can be found in air traffic control centers worldwide.
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Create efficient spaces from engineering design desks to production floor work stations with Novus More Space.
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Point Of Sale

Novus RetailSystem components are stylish, strong, and easy to configure for your Point of Sale needs.
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